Research at the CIB involves scientists working on projects in diverse areas of life science, including cloning, microbial genomics, and vaccine capacity building. In addition, we support independent USU researchers with our core laboratory services and grant writing assistance. Our interdisciplinary team approach lends itself to collaborative partnerships.


CloningCloning »

Research highlights collaborations with the University of Idaho to produce the first successfully cloned mule, and how continued research focuses on using tools from genetics and breeding to study animal traits that are agriculturally important.


Great Salt LakeGreat Salt Lake »

Researching the Great Salt Lake involves identifying and documenting what lives in the lake through genetic sequencing, and how these microbes survive in extreme environments.


Reproductive ImmunologyReproductive Immunology »

Research in this area examines pregnancy failure from placental incompatibility between the mother and fetus in “cloned” cattle to allow for a better understanding of human pregnancy.


Impacting World HealthImpacting World Health »

This training-oriented research is part of the World Health Organizations’ effort to aid in the increased manufacturing capacity of flu vaccines production in developing countries.


Impacting World HealthBioprocessing »

Research in this area is focusing on improving growth conditions and protein expression in recombinant cell lines.