Teacher Symposium

Teacher Symposium, held in collaboration the Utah State Office of Education, is a professional development program that brings 7-12 science teachers to USU’s Center for Integrated BioSystems for one-day. The program allows teachers to be students again, offering them information on cutting-edge developments in science, and hands-on time in the laboratory.


Who should attend? Teachers and future teachers of science, health, and agricultural science who are interested in increasing their knowledge of biotechnology and want to learn exciting new experiments to use in their own classrooms. Principals and counselors are welcome.


Where is it held? The symposium will be held at the Biotechnology Building on the Utah State University campus in Logan, Utah.


What does it cost? The one-day program is free of charge and includes a continental breakfast, and lunch, and free parking on-campus. Travel costs are each teacher’s responsibility.


What will I gain? This program is designed to enhance science education in Utah, and give teachers new information and experience that they can implement in their classrooms. Each participant receives 0.5 service credit from the Utah State Office of Education at no extra cost to you.


Participants will hear from fellow science teachers about exciting and effective ways to incorporate biotechnology into existing science courses. Additional speakers will present an overview of recent developments in biotechnology research.

Teachers attending the symposium will participate in instructional demonstrations, examine specimens, and see final products. Each teacher also will receive a manual containing presentations, laboratory exercises, and other references.

For more information contact:
Ken Olsen; (435) 797-3504; ken.olsen@usu.edu