Core Labs

We have multiple core laboratories each covering a variety of technologies and services. Our core laboratory scientists and technical staff are well trained and have years of experience. They are available to offer you accurate, well-documented, and timely services.


GenomicsGenomics »

The genomics group offers a variety of gene analysis services including DNA sequencing, DNA genotyping, quantitative PCR, and DNA array analyses and features Illumina and Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing.


GenomicsGenotyping »

The genotyping group, comprised of the Fluidigm BioMark™ application and the Cattle MHC typing service, provides consultation and guidance to researchers in designing and performing genetic studies for their research projects.


ProteomicsProteomics »

The proteomics group provides mass spectrometry for small molecule identification, leachable/ extractable, and amino acid analysis, as well as general services including protein separation, and imaging.


Flow CytometryFlow Cytometry »

The flow cytometry group facilitates technical and professional assistance for performing laser-based flow cytometric analysis and sorting using a special order BD Biosciences FACSAria ™ II.


BioprocessingBioprocessing »

The bioprocessing group provides production and research services in cell culture, microbial fermentation and downstream processing. The facility features a series of benchtop/pilot scale fermenters, bioreactors and cell separation units.