1-Animal Cell Culture

cell_cultureThe cell culture laboratories are available for bench scale projects involving anchorage dependent and suspension cells. The laboratories are well equipped with laminar flow hoods, inverted microscopes, and bench-top bioreactors. The vessels range from 5L – 7L and are available for research projects involving media optimization, process optimization, and mass culture production. Support equipment includes shaker incubators, chemical hoods, clean steam, autoclaves, cryostorage, and freeze-dryers.


2-Cell Separation

centrifuge Centrifugation:

The biomanufacturing facility has two continuous flow tube bowl centrifuges; an Alfa-Laval T-1 200 ml bowl type, and an Alfa-Laval AS 14 2.5 liter bowl type.



The CIB has a Millipore Pellicon tangential flow micro-/ultra-filtration system.





fermentationThe fermentation facility provides clients with seed culture development and culture scale-up from shake flasks to pilot scale fermenters. Four BioFlo 3000 and 4 BioFlo 310 benchtop fermenters configured with two-liter and five-liter vessels are available for comparative studies. At the pilot scale, two 100-liter B. Braun UE-100D fermenters and one E-10 10-liter CIP/SIP fermenter are available. All fermenters are equipped with instrumentation for monitoring/control of dissolved oxygen, pH, agitation, antifoam, and air flow. Support equipment includes shaker incubators, laminar flow hoods, chemical hoods, clean steam, microscopes, autoclaves, cryostorage, and freeze-dryers.

The CIB bioprocess facility provides services in microbial fermentation and animal cell culture. It features a 1,000 sq. ft. BSLS-LS2 pilot scale fermentation laboratory capable of handling class II organisms, an adjoining 600 sq. ft. bench scale cell culture, and fermentation laboratory with multiple fermenters and bioreactors for microbial, mammalian and insect cell culture. The facility can manufacture recombinant proteins, antimicrobial agents, and metabolites, as well as media optimization and cell culture scalability experiments.


Equipment/ The Biomanufacturing Facility


Service Service Instrument
Benchtop Fermentation - 2.5 liter BioFlo 3000 (4X) - New Brunswick Scientific Co. Inc.
- 5.0 liter BioFlo 310 (4X) - New Brunswick Scientific Co. Inc.
Benchtop Cell Culture - 7.0 liter BioFlo 3000 (5X) - New Brunswick Scientific Co. Inc.
- 5.0 liter BioFlo 310 (4X) - New Brunswick Scientific Co. Inc.
10 liter SIP Fermentation - Biostat E - Sartorius BBI
100 liter SIP Fermentation - Biostat UE100D (2X)- Sartorius BBI
Continuous Centrifugation - Ti Laboratory
- AS-16 VB Tube-Bowl- Alfa Laval
Tangential Flow Filtration - Pellicon-Millipore
Purification - AKTA FPLC-GE Healthcare